Archangel Chamuel Guided Meditation

I love Archangel Chamuel and his loving pink ray of light. I always feel a warm glow surround me when I work with him. When I taught this meditation in my Angelic Yoga class, there was a bright orb over my right shoulder and a tiny white feather landed in my lap. I believe that Chamuel was delighted to join us in your Yoga practice.

Here is the Guided Meditation script:

Settle down so that you are comfortable; maybe you would like to use a pillow and a blanket. 

Begin to feel where your body comes into contact with the ground beneath you. Notice how Mother Earth is supporting you. Feel the air above you; maybe it is a gentle breeze over your skin or simply the temperature. Relax into this position. 

Notice your breathing. Is it shallow or is it deep? Are you breathing through your mouth or your nose? Just be aware of your breathing and don’t try to change it. 

Gently close your eyes. Feel yourself relax more deeply. 

Mighty Archangel Chamuel, I ask you to fill me with healing, loving energy. Help me feel that it is safe to be loved, to feel worthy of love and to feel love for others.  

Feel yourself enveloped by the energy of Archangel Chamuel; allow yourself to be raised upwards on a spiral of pure, delicate pink light. 

Slowly, the light spiral raises you higher and higher; you can feel yourself held perfectly safely in angelic arms. 

You find yourself close to Archangel Chamuel’s Temple of Light, the Temple of the Crystal Pink Flame, in the etheric realm above St Louis, Missouri. The Temple is surrounded by beautiful rose gardens. You can smell their delicate scent as you walk along the pink stone path which leads you to an open gateway and from here you can see the Temple of the Crystal Pink Flame. 

The Temple does not have walls like we are familiar with. It is all made out of the forest.  It’s a beautiful Temple with branches of trees that come out into the circumference.  There are sixteen of these branches that looks like a column, but it is really a base of a tree that reaches high above us. As you walk into the Temple, it is very open as air flows through it, because there are no walls and no floor. The floor is the earth. Imagine yourself walking bare foot. Feel the warm earth beneath your feet. 

As you enter the Temple of Light, you will see the beautiful Pink Flame. There are benches around the perimeter of the Temple which surround the flame. These benches are made of rose quartz, a beautiful and gentle soft pink. Take a moment to sit down and connect to the energy of the Pink Flame. Take a deep breath and allow the ignition of the Pink Flame to come into your Heart Centre. You feel the frequency changing within you. Allow peaceful openness and acceptance to flow through you. 

Archangel Chamuel and the angels of love gather round you and surround you with their beautiful pink light. Notice how the atmosphere around you becomes warm and feels loving. 

Gently place your left hand onto your heart chakra. Visualise the 12 petals of your Heart Chakra opening out, to reveal your own scared point of consciousness, your own inner altar. Feel the Crystal Pink flame merging with your own, feeling yourself overwhelmed with loving energy. Notice as the flame transforms into a beautiful, golden six pointed star. 

Invite the angelic love to dwell within your heart. Send this delicate pink, loving energy around your body, into your aura, into the space around you. Send the loving energy through your town, your country, around the earth and into the Universe. Send loving energy to everyone who you care about. 

Archangel Chamuel now signals that is it time to leave this Temple of Light and return to your physical body and space. You thank Archangel Chamuel and his angels for this precious time spent together and retrace your steps down the pink stone path, through the beautiful rose garden. 

Become aware of the feeling of the ground beneath your own body. Feel the air above you. Notice your breaths. 

When you feel ready, begin to wriggle your fingers and toes. Bring your knees into your chest and hug them tightly. When you feel ready, roll over onto your left side, then bring yourself up into a seated position. 

Bring your hands to your heart chakra in prayer position. Bow your head to your hands and your hands to the earth. 


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