Blessing and Dedicating your new Angel Cards

It is always exciting to get a new deck of Angel cards, but do you know how to connect with them? Follow these simple steps to bless and dedicate your Angel cards which will help you to develop a deep connection with them.

Take some time to look through the cards, familiarising yourself with the imagery and any text they may contain. Next, hold your cards in your non-dominant hand (so if you are right handed, hold them in your left hand) and make a fist with your other hand. Make 3 sharp blows with your fist on the deck of cards to release any energy which may be contained in them either from when they were made or from a previous owner. 

Now, fan the cards out and, with the right side facing you, bring them towards your heart. Hold them here for as long as feels right for you. 

The next step is to imagine yourself in a bubble of pink protective light and ask the angels and your Guardian Angel and/or Spirit Guide if you have them to be with you. 

Angels, please keep me safe; surround me with your loving light. 

It is now time to bless and dedicate your Angel cards. You can use these words, or choose some of your own:

Angels of light, thank you for blessing me with your presence. I ask that you bless these Angel cards with your love and light so that I may use them as a tool to connect with you and your guidance. Please help me to grow spiritually and to develop my connection with you through these cards. Thank you for your love and light and for being by my side as a guide and companion. Thank you for revealing your messages to me through these cards. 

I dedicate these cards to your divine guidance; that these cards will act as a bridge which strengthens our connection. I will use these cards for their highest good with love and light. 

And so it is.

Once you have finished your blessing and dedication, again spend some time looking at the cards. This time you may maybe feel a connection to certain cards. 

Finally, it is time to make your first simple card reading. Hold the cards to your heart and ask your  Angels what they would like you to know. You may wish to use a little prayer or rhyme:

Angels, please keep me safe; surround me with your loving light. 

Please give me guidance and insight, pure and bright. 

When you feel ready, shuffle the cards until you feel the urge to stop. The card which is on the top is what your Angels would like you to know. Sometimes a card may jump out of the pack as you are shuffling them, again this is a message. If a number or cards jump out, place them back in the pack and refocus on your question. 

Once you have completed your card reading, thank your Angels for their love, guidance and support. 

You may want to keep a record of your readings so that you can look back on them over time. Using an Angel Journal can be a lovely way to do this. 

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