Chinese Lantern Guided Meditation Script

I recently started to teach Children’s Yoga classes which I have been trying to theme. As this Friday will be Chinese New Year, marking the start of the Year of the Ox, I decided that we would have a Chinese theme to classes this week.

We started off with Firecracker Breathing as our Pranayama before moving onto the traditional story of the Chinese New Year and how the animals became mascots for the years. This involved rather a lot of different Yoga asana!

To end, I wanted a Chinese New Year themed guided meditation which would be suitable for children aged from 5 to 11. I decided to go with the theme of Chinese Lanterns and how we can share our special inner light with others to spread joy, peace & happiness.

I hope that you and your little ones enjoy this…

Chinese Lanterns Guided Meditation

Take some deep breaths and feel your body start to relax.

Feel your body becoming lighter, remaining still and calm.

You feel so light now, so light that you imagine your body beginning to float up off the ground. Imagine that you are a Chinese lantern, a bright, shining light which drifts gracefully above the ground, floating steadily higher and higher. 

You float up high above the ground into the night sky. It is a beautifully clear night with the stars shining brightly around you. As you float gently through the air, you begin to notice lights below you. You look closely at these lights and realise that they are the lights of houses, cars and street lights way below you. 

As you glide through the night sky, you feel so relaxed, so free and at peace. Take some time to float gently above the earth, enjoying the twinkling lights below you and the feeling of relaxation which you feel. 

Turn your attention now to the stars in the sky. You float gently higher and higher into the sky until you feel that you are amongst the stars. The light of your lantern is shining brightly, just as your inner light shines brightly. To anyone on the ground looking up, they can see your light moving gracefully amongst the stars. Your brilliant inner light is what makes you special. When other people see your beautiful light, it makes them feel happy and spreads happiness. Imagine sending your light down to all the people on the ground below you, spreading love, joy, peace and happiness. Feel your light spreading around the world.  

Turn your attention again to the lights below you. You begin to float down to them, noticing each light in the houses, on the cars and on the streetlights and traffic lights below you. Think again about how you can spread happiness through sharing your light with others. 

As your Chinese lantern touches back down on the ground, allow your attention to return to your breathing. Notice how your belly rises and falls with each breath that you take. 

Now, listen to the sounds in the room with you… and any you can hear outside. 

It’s time to bring some movement gently back into the body by carefully turning your head from side to side. Now, wiggle your fingers and your toes. When you feel ready, roll over onto your side and carefully push yourself up into a seated position. 

Remember to take your shining light with you wherever you go.

Namaste, Helen xxx

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