Angel Work

My garden angel with one of my Himalayan Singing Bowls

I first became aware of angels in my teenage years, although at the time there weren’t many resources or books to help me develop my practice. I noticed the signs around me, often receiving messages and ‘just knowing’ things which someone was about to say or do. As Angelology become more commonplace, I devoured all literature I could find, working with my angel cards daily. In 2010, I wrote my BA(Hons) dissertation about Angels and their role in modern society. I was awarded a First for this research. 

I lost my Mum very suddenly in 2016 and on that day, put all my angel cards, books, figures and equipment away. I simply couldn’t bear to look at them as I felt abandoned. Of course, I hadn’t been; your angels never leave you! When I was working towards my Yoga Teacher qualification, I started working with my angels again. Very quickly, I started receiving messages and visions, and began to be able to ‘know’ spirits were near. Guided by Psalmia, my guardian angel, I have once again developed my Angel Work practice and have developed Angelic Hatha Yoga. In this practice, we invite the angels to join us through meditation and through our asanas. It is a beautiful, calming and unique practice. My Angelic Yoga Workshops include an Angel Card Reading, Hatha Yoga infused with Angelic Healing, an Angelic Meditation and end with one of my Himalayan Sound Baths.