Angelic Yoga

Angelic Yoga was developed by Helen Crossley in the Summer of 2020. It is a beautiful practice incorporating elements of Angelic Healing, Angelic learning, Hatha Yoga and Angelic Meditation. In Angelic Yoga Workshops, I also include an Angel Card Reading and a healing Himalayan Sound Bath using my Himalayan singing bowls.

Booking for my Angelic Yoga Classes and Workshops can be made by clicking here.

Angelic Yoga

Weekly Angelic Yoga Classes

 In Angelic Yoga practices, we work with a specific Archangel to enhance our yogic practice, ending the session with a beautiful guided Angelic meditation.

One of my favourite classes was working with Archangel Chamuel and a rose quartz heart, focusing on the Heart Chakra with the mantra ‘It is safe for me to be loved, to feel worthy of love and to feel love for others’.

Weekly classes are on Tuesday mornings at 8am BST via Zoom.

Angelic Yoga Workshops

Angelic Yoga Workshops combine Hatha Yoga, Angelic Healing and a Himalayan Sound Bath for a unique experience. This gentle practice will leave you feeling stretched, refreshed and relaxed.

My next 2 hour Angelic Yoga Workshop is on Sunday 6th December 2020 at 11:30am. There are limited in person places available at Spark Fitness, Bury Old Rd, Prestwich, however there are unlimited Zoom places also available.